Soins & Chirurgie

General dental care & surgeries

Cavities and dental abscesses are not inevitable. Current techniques, materials and dental surgeries ensure a great reliability with dental treatments.

Most recent research shows a tight link between a bad oral hygiene and other afflictions such as articulation, vascular and respiratory disorders, diabetes, and some degenerative diseases. !

Your teeth are linked to the rest of your body, so what happens in your mouth can have important ramifications on other organs. Conversely, general pathologies can manifest themselves in your mouth.

Finally, the presence of various metals in your mouth as well as devitalized teeth (which may trigger the development of cysts) can cause fatigue, joint pain or other unexplainable minor ailments.

Which oral pathologies are susceptible to maintain all these diseases?

For the most part, these pathologies can either be there by default or appear after receiving dental treatments :

  • Cavities
  • Periodontitis
  • Bruxism
  • Evolution of wisdom teeth
  • Devitalized teeth and infections
  • Articulatory & occlusal diseases
  • Amalgams (metal alloy mixture used to fill cavities)

Chirurgie dentaire en cours.

Each chronical health problem should convince you to consult to determine the causes of the infections, which can be of dental or gingival origins..

All orthopaedical surgical procedures targeting bones and joints, as well as vascular surgeries, require a perfectly controlled oral hygiene. Therefore, they must be preceded by a dental and gingival check-up, as well as mandatory dental cares to minimize risks during the procedure.

Our dental office is perfectly used to health check-ups and can take care of your pre-op treatments in a very short time if necessary. Do not hesitate to request a dentist appointment!

Your health is also dependant on your mouth!