Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry – also known as adult orthodontics - allows correction of all the natural or accidental imperfections of your smile.

It ranges from simple teeth whitening procedures to complete oral reconstruction with ceramic dental crowns or veneers. Cosmetic dentistry also encompasses new teeth straightening techniques using invisible aligners. These are the solutions which will enable you to quickly regain your self-esteem and wellness.

A consultation for cosmetic dentistry, at first, is mostly necessary to understand your expectations in terms of aesthetics, while considering your sociological and economical criteria. This will ensure that your treatment will be fully compatible with your lifestyle.

What are your motivations?

Do you wish to smile again?

Do you need to seduce?

Could your smile boost your confidence?

Is a clean smile required for you to search for a new job?

Do you simply want to improve your well-being through your smile?

Our dental office offers numerous smile improvement techniques and it is paramount that the therapeutic choices suits you completely.

These choices are heavily influenced by your biological imperatives and the necessity to preserve as much dental tissue as possible. The less invasive a dental cosmetic treatment is, the more it will stand the test of time and preserve its functional properties.

Expectations with adult orthodontics can be very diverse: sometimes a simple teeth whitening will be enough of an improvement to fulfil your needs. Teeth whitening may be targeted at the entirety of your teeth or just a few of them.

If your dental aesthetics needs are about teeth misalignment, we can opt for an orthodontic treatment with invisible aligners. This recent technique offers spectacular results within a few months whilst preserving the integrity of your teeth.

For more important cosmetic reconstructions, based on your motivations, we can design a custom record of your anatomical and visual features with precise study models as well as a series of photos. With this data, we will have an imprint laboratory create a first model, allowing you to visualize your future smile, which is always quite an emotional moment!

Complete dental reconstructions are made with ceramic veneers or ceramic bridges or crowns with zirconium plating, always crafted with dental tissue preservation in mind.

Finally, we use “composite”, which is extremely reliable and aesthetical, allowing us to perform small restorations or even small veneers which greatly enhance your smile for a budget. This material, very technical in its applications, is a true revolution in modern dentistry.

Of course, all combinations of the many cosmetic dental treatments at our disposal can be used within the framework of an adult orthodontic project, for optimal results at the service of your smile.

A pleasant smile boosts your confidence and sense of self-worth?

Dare to make that change and start smiling now!

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