Implant dentistry

Implant dentistry

Dental implants are the most reliable dentistry solution nowadays and the most “biocompatible” option to replace absent teeth. Moreover, this solution is becoming more and more accessible thanks to an important drop in costs.

A dental implant is an artificial titanium root which supports a dental prosthesis. This technique allows for replacement of a missing tooth without the need of a dental bridge and its inevitable drawbacks, such as mutilation of the other healthy teeth.

Implant reconstitutions are very aesthetically pleasing and guarantee a perfect imitation of naturel teeth.

In other cases, dental implants insure the stabilisation of a removable prothesis, thus providing exceptional comfort to chew, talk and laugh...

Placing the implant is not a painful procedure and the post-op follow-up is very limited. Implants have a much longer life expectancy than any other technique, with a 97% success rate.

Reliable, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and painless, dental implants are the ideal medical treatment for edentulism.

A three-dimension scan check-up is performed beforehand to estimate the quality and quantity of the bone, which will determine how the implant will be placed and the prosthetics possibilities.

This safe and reliable technique is backed by 40+ years of scientific data and clinical evidence. The surgical procedure associated with implants placement is performed in our dental office in a room dedicated to surgeries. For safety reasons, the procedure is carried out under the cover of antibiotics. A simple local anesthesia is required to provide perfect comfort during the surgery.

The post-op consequences are minimal. An oedema may appear during a few days and as well as mild pain. These inconveniences can be easily taken care of with analgesics.

Dental implants allow you to replace a missing tooth while keeping adjacent teeth intact, which is not the case with classic bridge techniques. Implant dentistry allows for the installation of new fixed prostheses after getting rid of your old removable dental prosthetics.

Finally, by way of this new technique and the use of “pressure points”, you will gain an efficient stabilisation of your protheses, as well as comfort and confidence.

Implant placement and prosthetics reconstruction :

The procedure generally follows these 3 steps :

  1. Step one: surgical phase. Placement of the dental implant, which is screwed into the bone and left to rest for a 3 to 4 months period. The bone will naturally grow around the implants’ structure, establishing a real welding between the bone and the implant: this process is called osseointegration..
    Une prothèse transitoire peut être mise en place en attendant la prothèse définitive.
  2. Step two: 3 to 4 months later. Abutment fitting and dental impression.
  3. Step three:placement of the definitive protheses crafted by the prosthetics laboratory (single crown, bridge or removable apparatus).Illustration d'implants dentaires.
    Under certain conditions, you may benefit from techniques of “immediate load-bearing”, allowing you to enjoy your new temporary fixed teeth during the implant placement process. Before making your decision, we invite you to check all the answers the answers to the frequently (and legitimately) asked questions.
    Nowadays, implant dentistry is a fully mastered reliable technique at an affordable cost. It is no longer necessary to endanger your well-being while undergoing a procedure in a foreign country to enjoy a new aesthetically pleasing and comfortable dentition.

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