Your smile, your health… our passion !

On behalf of the whole team in our dental practice in Antibes: we are happy to provide you with information on this website, with two main purposes in mind.
First and foremost, to inform you about all our available dentistry services, including holistic dentistry. Second, to provide you with useful advices for your oral health and general wellness.

A professional team attentive to your needs

A highly qualified and experienced medical staff at your service, consistently training in dentistry and holistic dentistry.
Our team is always striving to improve its standards of quality to insure you a completely safe and comfortable care.

In 2004, our dental practice was awarded with the AFAQ certification, a label obtained when reaching high quality of services in dentistry. Resulting from our innovative drive, this certification is a real testimony to the level of trust a patient can have in our dental office.
The AFAQ certification guarantees our engagement to meet high, measurable and realistic standards of services in all fields relating to our work: reception, traceability, sterilisation, continuous training and availability.
Highly demanding in terms of professionalism at all levels, this engagement results directly from in-depth analysis of your needs and expectations.
For our patients, it is undeniable proof of our will to achieve high quality levels of services, consistently.

  • A complete hygiene and infection control protocol is followed in our dental practice.
  • Our entire staff attends training seminars on a regular basis (dental energetics, holistic dentistry and orthodontics)
  • Every patient fills out a form about their medical and dental history. Their answers are carefully analysed to decide on the optimal and safest treatment plan.
  1. Insure that every patient is welcomed by trained staff and treated in a respectful and friendly manner
  2. Guarantee the respect of the time scheduled for each appointment
  3. Establish and update a complete medical file, while respecting the principles of patient/doctor confidentiality
  4. Help each patient to set personal goals in terms of oral hygiene
  5. After a complete check-up, advise and explain every treatment options available
  6. Prepare a complete treatment plan, adapted to the patient’s health condition and objectives
  7. Systematic care of any pain involved during the treatment process
  8. Inform patients of all the steps of their treatment and assist them during the whole process
  9. Recommend maintenance techniques the patient can perform on his/her own
  10. Take all precautions necessary to prevent nosocomial infections
  11. Maintain all technical equipment in a state of performance and conformity compatible with our procedures
  12. Guarantee and trace the origin of each medical devices
  13. Provide our patients with an available, highly skilled staff, going through constant training and knowledge updates
  14. Perform regular patient satisfaction surveys
  15. Consider and respond systematically to patient suggestions and claims

After a complete dental examination, you’ll receive a detailed treatment plan with pricing. No procedure will be started without a written sales quote accepted by you, after checking with your health insurance.

Our staff is at your disposal to guide you through your interactions with the health and welfare institutions to help you find the right finance solutions for your dental treatment.

Every treatment you’ll undergo requires high human and material means to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards.

Your expectations with dentistry have considerably evolved over the past years, whilst dental care, surgeries and prothesis are less and less supported by social security institutions.
Fortunately, numerous procedures which are not taken care of by social security will be eligible with your private complementary health care, with varying participation rates.

Aesthetics, prevention and comfort are essential to you and we strive to give you full satisfaction.

Beautiful casual woman with toothache.


Un service de garde est à votre disposition les jours fériés et le dimanche : Appelez le 15

En cas d'urgence réelle, nous nous engageons à vous recevoir dans les 24h suivant votre appel !

Quelques conseils :

  • Une forte douleur d’origine dentaire va rarement disparaître spontanément.
  • En attendant votre rendez-vous, soulagez la douleur à l’aide d’un antalgique  ou d’un anti inflammatoire (assurez-vous que vous n’y êtes pas allergique) ; appliquez de la glace sur le visage en regard de la zone douloureuse.
  • Une dent fracturée peut être plus ou moins sensible à la mastication, au froid ou peut blesser considérablement la langue ou les joues. Recouvrez la dent fracturée avec un morceau de gaze en attendant votre rendez-vous.
  • Une dent délogée de son alvéole à la suite d’un choc peut être réimplantée avec de bonnes chances de succès si l’intervention est réalisée au plus tard dans les 2 à 3 heures ; la dent expulsée doit être maintenue dans un milieu humide et propre, soit dans du lait soit directement dans la bouche.
  • Toutes les douleurs post opératoires qui persistent au-delà de 4 à 5 jours malgré les traitements prescrits doivent inciter à consulter.